Limited Edition Android Collectible Giveaway WINNERS!

Thank you to everybody that participated in our limited edition Android collectible contest! Because of the enthusiasm shown for these little Androids, we will definitely do another contest soon.

That being said, these Androids need a home!  Here are the three lucky winners, chosen at random:

  1. Jonathan MusselwhiteConfirmed
  2. Heath RostConfirmed
  3. JoJo DeRodrigo Elliot Yoon (redraw)Confirmed

We’ll be contacting you individually at the account you registered when you entered the contest (Twitter, Facebook, or email), so keep your eyes peeled.  After sending the notifications, you’ll have 24 hours to claim your prize – otherwise it’ll go to another winner chosen at random!





3 responses to “Limited Edition Android Collectible Giveaway WINNERS!”

  1. Jonathan Paul Avatar

    I’m hoping:
    A) I’m 4th in line and:
    B) Somebody doesn’t claim theirs.

    Congratulations winners!


  2. Alex Avatar

    It’s been 24 hours :

    1. Evan Wondrasek Avatar

      Yes it has, time to pick a new winner!

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