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Here at Techerator, we know that our site wouldn’t be the success it is without all of our readers (Thank you!).  Since our launch in May 2009, we’ve made many improvements to the site for our readers.  Our most recent change was an entire redesign of Techerator.

A big focus on the redesign was making it easier for our readers to keep updated on new articles with the tools in our sidebar.

Today we’re making it even easier to subscribe to our content at Techerator.

Techerator extension for Google Chrome

We’re happy to announce the Techerator Extension for Google Chrome.  The Techerator Extension for Google Chrome is another great way to keep updated on our newest articles, especially if you don’t use social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Download the Techerator Extension for Google Chrome to get started using it.

Once the extension is installed, you’ll see its icon in your Chrome browser.

Click the extension’s icon to expand the list of newest articles from Techerator.  You can see from the image below that your unread articles are shown in bold.

Clicking on an article expands the reading pane, allowing you to read the entire article right in the extension!  If you click on the article title at the top of the reading pane, you can read the article on

The Techerator Extension for Google Chrome also features an integrated search for Techerator.  Looking for a specific article, or just want to see what we’ve written about Twitter? You can search our site right in the extension.

Give the Techerator Extension for Google Chrome a try and let us know what you think!

Special thanks to the Ookong team for developing this Google Chrome extension.



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