Manage a Music Playlist and More with GMote for Android

What, no bean dip?

So its time to plan a party.  The chips and dip are out, the chilled beverages are chilling, the mood lighting is set to “groovy,” and the music is…wait. You forgot to consider the music, didn’t you?  That is a big mistake.

Music can make or break a party; everyone knows that.  So what do you do?  It’s too late to call a DJ, and being the great host that you are, you certainly don’t want to be stuck in front of a laptop picking songs for the whole evening.  If only there was some sort of device that could be used like a remote because of its WiFi capabilities. Something like…

An Android phone!  Now if only that device could somehow connect to your computer and allow you to pick the right songs to play on your computer…

Oh, hello.  That could do.  GMote is a free Android application that creates a media server on one’s computer and allows an Android phone to access the media files and play them remotely via a local wireless internet connection.  Play, pause, skip, and volume control; the program allows it all.  To start remoting (That’s a word, right?), follow these easy steps:

Step One: Install the GMote app on the Android phone and connect it to the same internet connection as the computer.

Step Two: Install the GMote server application on the computer containing the media files

Step Three: Set a password for the GMote server to ensure privacy.

Step Four: Select the paths of the media files on the machine.

Step Five: Select the server on the phone and enter the server’s password.  If the server is not found, you can manually add the computer’s IP address to access the server.

Step Six: Pick a song from the server directories and start enjoying.

Along with music files, GMote allows the option for controlling video files as well, giving your Android phone the power to control any movie on your personal computing machine (just in case you need to quickly pause the program to grab some popcorn).

But wait, there’s more:  GMote also has a beta portion that allows you to stream media files directly to your phone.  It must be noted, though, that this phone streaming option only currently supports mp3, mp4, and jpeg formats.

Thanks to GMote, the music at a party shall never die ever again…and that is something to take comfort in.

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  1. Aram Taylor Avatar

    i really like the touch pad feature. the touch screen of my android works better even through gmote than the crappy touch pad that came on my new hp laptop

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