Brizzly Gives Twitter a Better Web Interface

twitter-brizzly-thumbIf you’ve ever wanted more from Twitter’s web interface, you’re not alone.  Although functional, the web interface only provides basic features and rolls out new features long after they have been released in 3rd-party clients.

Brizzly is a free web-based Twitter client that provides a much more robust experience and adds many features that aren’t currently offered in the standard web interface.

Unfortunately, Brizzly is currently invite-only, but you can enter your email address on their site to be notified when accounts will be available.  We have a limited amount of Brizzly invitations available, so if you want one just post your Twitter username in the comments.

Now for the features…

Inline Pictures, Videos, and Maps

Brizzly automatically embeds pictures (from sites like Twitpic, yFrog, and Flickr), videos (from YouTube and Vimeo), and maps from Google Maps in your timeline.


Automatically Expanding Shorted URLs

Even though you can already browse safer by automatically expanding shortened URLs in Firefox, Brizzly shows you exactly what link your Twitter friends are trying to send to you.  Although useful, it isn’t always the best when somebody posts a really long link.


Trend Explanations

Trends are a great way to see what the current hot topics on Twitter are, but how are you supposed to know what #mileycomeback is?  Clicking the trends on the right side of Brizzly provides a brief explanation of the topic.  If an explanation doesn’t exist (or is incorrect), you can click “Explain this Trend” to edit the content yourself.


One of my favorite features from 3rd-party clients (such as TweetDeck) is groups.  This is especially useful if you follow a large number of people and want to keep certain people from being lost in the noise.


Multiple Accounts

If you have multiple Twitter accounts, Brizzly lets you switch between them quickly and easily.



Tired of one of your friends live-tweeting the hamburger they’re eating for lunch?  You can temporarily mute them in Brizzly, which removes them from your timeline until they stop making so much noise.  Don’t worry, they’ll never know you muted them (unless you write an article about it with a screenshot of you doing it).

twitter-brizzly-muteWant a Brizzly account of your own?  Check out their site to request an email invitation, or post your Twitter username in our comments and we’ll send you one (while supplies last).



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    I want an invite. Good article!

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    I want an invite. Good article!

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