Files Over Miles: Browser to Browser File Sharing

A newly launched service allows you to send files (large files included) directly from your web browser to another web browser.  Files Over Miles is a service that is built upon the P2P file transfer capabilities that are included in Version 10 of Adobe Flash Player.  With this P2P capability, the need for an intermediate server is eliminated, transferring the file directly from one web browser to another.

Features of Files Over Miles include:

  • High Speed
  • Ability to send large files
  • Encryption (128 bit AES)
  • Works with any browser with Adobe Flash Player 10.
  • UDP Hole Punching

Limitations of Files Over Miles:

  • Sent file can only be as large as the available amount RAM of the sender’s computer  (ex. 755 MB of RAM free means 755 MB is the largest size file transmittable).
  • Recipient may only receive files that are smaller than half of the available RAM on their computer (ex. 512 MB of RAM free means largest receivable file is 255 MB) [Limitation of Adobe Flash].
  • Will not work if either party is behind a firewall that blocks UDP packets.
  • Sender’s browser must remain open while recipient is download the file.

How To

  1. Visit
  2. Select the file to upload from your local computer and a unique URL will be generated.
  3. Share the URL with the person you want to receive the file.
  4. Once they have started the download, the file will be loaded into the sender’s memory  (The sender’s browser must remain open for the duration of the file transfer).
  5. The file is transferred and loaded into the recipient’s memory.
  6. When the file has been transferred, it can be saved onto a local drive on the recipient’s computer.
  7. Both browser windows may be closed when the file transfer is complete.

Future Development

Currently Files Over Miles is a beta product with more development planned.  The next stage of development includes a BitTorrent-like protocol that distributes the upstream load on the uploaded, allowing the file to be shared faster.  Solutions to tight firewall/network restrictions are also being worked on.  There is also a link on the right side of the page to allow you to give feedback and suggest new features for the service.

Let us know your thoughts of Files Over Miles below.



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