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  • 5 Easy Ways To Give Your PC The Spring Cleaning It Deserves

    With spring finally upon us, many use this time to clean their house, get the lawn mower ready, and head to the lake or beach.  While you are doing your spring cleaning and getting into the spring and summer spirit, don’t forget to do a spring cleaning on your PC as well. Below are five […]

  • How To: Find Large Files On Your Hard Drive With WinDirStat

    Have you noticed that you hard drive space has decreased and don’t know what files are taking up the space?  If so, you can use WinDirStat to help find those large files taking up space on your drive. To start, download WinDirStat from http://windirstat.info/.  You can select either the installation download or the standalone executable.  […]

  • 5 New Year’s Resolutions For Your PC

    With the start of a new year fast approaching, many people are making personal New Year’s resolutions such as to lose a few pounds or save some extra money.  Your PC is also looking for changes this New Year.  Here are 5 simple New Year’s Resolutions for your PC. 1) Upgrade your web browser Upgrading […]