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  • How to Replace Your Boring Voicemail with Google Voice

    When Google first opened Google Voice, I was very excited to check it out.  I was especially looking forward to their voicemail service, particularly the transcription feature.  However, after checking it out for a few minutes I lost interest.  Although a lot of the features were great, I would have to switch my number to a […]

  • How to Prevent Extra Rings using Google Voice as Voicemail

    Now that Google Voice’s voicemail can be added to your existing phone number (giving you great features like searchable voicemail, free voice transcription, custom greetings, and email/SMS notification), you may have noticed that callers have to wait through way too many rings before your Google voicemail picks up the call. Here’s how it plays out: […]

  • YouMail – Voicemail Done Right

    I miss answering machines. Allow me to clarify: let’s go back approximately ten years when there were still answering machines around. I call you, you’re not home. The answering machine picks up, plays your little message, beeps, and I say what I need to say. Done. Today’s voicemail service could learn a thing or two […]