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  • How to Setup Folder Sharing with VirutalBox Guests

    Having a virtual machine installed on a personal computer offers many uses.  One use is the ability to try a new operating system before it is released, such as Windows 7. Once you’ve installed a virtual operating system, you might want to access files that are stored on the host operating system.  VirtualBox offers a […]

  • Fix: Connecting USB Devices To VirtualBox On Fedora 11

    Update: This problem has been resolved in VirtualBox Version 3.0.8. Remove the following fix before upgrading to 3.0.8 to take advantage of the update.  For help on installing VirtualBox on Fedora 11, checkout our guide. I have come across one problem with VirtualBox on Fedora 11 – USB devices are listed in the device manager […]

  • How to Install VirtualBox in Fedora 11

    Fedora 11, the most recent release of the Fedora Linux distribution, includes built-in virtualization capabilities.  Virtualization allows you to install an operating system from within another operating system, which can be a great way to test out a new version of Windows. Since Fedora’s included virtualization is mainly geared towards developers, many users prefer a […]