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  • Should Apple Lower Prices In Post-Jobs Era?

    It’s inevitable that without Steve Jobs at the helm piloting the Cupertino ship into the future Apple will change. What that change will be and how quickly it comes are both up for debate, but I don’t think it can be argued that everything will remain as is. After all, isn’t the very essence of […]

  • A Steve Jobs Eulogy by a non-Fanboy

    I’m not an Apple fanboy. In fact, I rally against the Cupertino-based company and the lemmings that follow it blindly at every opportunity. I don’t own even one Apple product (although I do covet an iPad), I even avoid iTunes because the one time I did install it, it spread its tentacles deeply into my […]

  • The True Genius Behind Apple’s Success…

    Apple is now the biggest, most successful technology company in the world, by revenue, profit, and market capitalization. How did it achieve this amazing feat and in such a short space of time? Is it one or two individuals who made all the difference? Or the products and how they’re presented to the public? Steve […]