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  • Apple OS X Mountain Lion – First Impressions

    You don’t have to look very hard on the Internet to find reviews of Mountain Lion, Apple’s new revision of the OS X operating system. This review is slightly different. As a cynical, old school techie, I’m never particularly wowed by or interested in sparkly new features. All that really concerns me is exactly how […]

  • Is Apple Turning OS X into iOS?

    Last week saw Apple announcing the arrival of the latest Mac OS X revision, Mountain Lion, which will be released later this year. Apple’s website clearly states that Mountain Lion will have “all new features, inspired by the iPad.” These include the Game Center, Notification Center, and system-wide Twitter integration that already exists on iDevices. […]

  • How to Add an OS X 10.5 Computer to a Windows Domain

    This article will guide you through the steps required to connect a computer running OS X 10.5 to a Windows domain, allowing you to login using your Active Directory credentials. Since Active Directory is so widely used, it is useful to be able to set up any computers running OS X to authenticate through it. […]