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  • Multiple monitor improvements are coming to Windows 8

    The Consumer Preview of Windows 8 was a bit of a nightmare when used on multiple monitors with the taskbar stretched across both displays, and offered no obvious reasoning behind the odd design. Luckily for us (meaning the collective Windows user base), Microsoft has confirmed via their Windows 8 Blog that positive changes will be coming to […]

  • How to Remove the Start Button from Secondary Display Taskbars in DisplayFusion 3.3.1

    If you’re like me and use multiple monitors as part of your computer setup, DisplayFusion is one of the best ways to take advantage of that extra screen space. Simple features like adding a taskbar to your secondary displays – a feature that Microsoft has glaringly neglected to include in Windows – make extra displays […]

  • How To: Add Panels (Toolbars) to a Secondary Display in Ubuntu 9.04

    If you’re using multiple monitors in Ubuntu, you may find it frustrating that the Panels (Windows users will recognize these as toolbars) are only available on your primary display.  This means that if you’re working with applications on a secondary monitor, you have to look back to your primary to do any application switching, as […]