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  • How to Close Pidgin Chat Windows with the Escape Key

    Pidgin (formerly known as Gaim) is a free, multi-protocol instant messaging application for Windows, Mac, and Linux.  Pidgin is highly customizable and supports popular instant messaging networks like Google Talk, MSN/Windows Live Messenger, AIM, Yahoo! Chat, and can connect to services like Facebook Chat through plugins (or directly through the XMPP messaging protocol). In recent […]

  • Facebook Unveils New Messaging Service That Will Revolutionize Communication

    Is Facebook trying to conquer the world?  It seems so. On Monday, Facebook held a conference in California where a new messaging service powered by the uber-giant, social-networking site was unveiled. There has been a lot of speculation and buzz the past few weeks and months about Facebook’s version of email.  While it’s being officially […]

  • How to Add Facebook Chat To Your Desktop Instant Messaging Software

    When Facebook Chat was first launched in early 2008, it added a powerful feature to the growing social network.  Almost two years later Facebook Chat has received an upgrade – the ability to use Facebook Chat from your favorite desktop IM software. This new feature works by utilizing the XMPP messaging protocol (the same protocol […]