Tag: Friday Fun

  • Friday Fun! Fulfill Childhood Dreams With Kerbal Space Program

    Space: the final frontier. Many children dream of becoming astronauts when they grow up. If that happened to be you, now’s your chance to fulfill that fantasy. Not only will you be piloting your (hopefully) space-bound craft in Kerbal Space Program, you also get to design it! Kerbal Space Program tasks you with getting the […]

  • Midweek Fun: Nuke the Undead in Atom Zombie Smasher

    Indie developer Blendo Games released their latest game, Atom Zombie Smasher, a couple of days ago. With a name like that, how could the game possibly be bad? Atom Zombie Smasher, as the name implies, is all about smashing zombies. You are tasked with cleaning up your area’s zombie (or Zed, as the game calls […]

  • Friday Fun! Relive Fond Memories With Organ Trail

    The Organ Trail is a re-imagining of the classic Oregon Trail, except set in the present day and with zombies. It features throwback graphics and classic controls.

  • Friday Fun! Blow Up Your Favorite Websites with a Bookmarklet

    If you’ve ever played the video game¬†Asteroids, then you’ll be delighted to know that you can bring the destructive joy of this simple game to any website on the internet with a simple JavaScript bookmarklet (ok – the JavaScript isn’t simple, but clicking a bookmarklet is!). 18ish-year-old Swedish developer Erik Andersson has done a remarkable […]

  • Friday Fun! Expand Your Gaming Horizons With ‘The Day’

    This week’s edition of Friday Fun is a bit of a departure from the usual games we feature. While it’s still technically a Flash game, The Day is more interactive fiction than it is an addictive time waster like most Flash games. Gameplay is incredibly simple, and much greater emphasis is placed on atmosphere and […]

  • Friday Fun! Why Do Homework When You Can Procrastinate With Liferaft: Zero?

    With school starting for many of our readers (myself included), what better way to celebrate than with another edition of Friday Fun? After all, Flash games are the ultimate procrastination tool! Liferaft: Zero is a devious blend of the setting from Portal, the acrobatics of N, and the frustrating difficulty of Jumper. You play the […]

  • Friday Fun! Get That Fake Sense of Accomplishment In Achievement Unlocked 2

    If you’ve played a game on a major gaming platform in the past few years, chances are you’re familiar with achievements. Games on the Xbox 360 have them in the form of a Gamerscore, where certain actions in games gain you points that are displayed in your profile. The Playstation 3 has platinum, gold, silver, […]

  • Friday Fun! Get Your RTS On In Pixel Legions

    In this week’s Friday Fun, I bring you a Flash game with a bit more depth than previous entries. Pixel Legions takes the complexity of most modern real-time strategy games and boils it down into its most basic form, perfect for the Flash game format. In Pixel Legions there is only one unit type, the […]

  • Friday Fun! Get Your Flash Game Fill With Morplee

    Kick back and relax, it’s Friday! What better way to pass the time at work than with a Flash game? Morplee follows the WarioWare format of throwing mini-games at you and seeing how fast you react. You’re given 60 seconds to complete 25 mini-games, running the gamut from frantically clicking as fast as you can […]

  • Friday Fun: Fight Your Twitter Friends In Dot War

    Twitter doesn’t usually lend itself to games very well, but Dot War takes a unique approach. Type in your username and a friend’s (or opt for a random opponent), and your respective user pictures are transformed into an army of pixel soldiers. The colors in your picture determine your soldiers’ behavior and strength. Each side […]