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  • Introduction to Flight Simulators Part 2: Non-combat Flight Simulators

    Welcome to part 2 of my Introduction to Flight Simulators series! If you followed my advice in Part 1 you now have all of the equipment you need to start flying. All that remains is to find yourself a simulator. The flight simulator market isn’t as saturated with games as, say, the first person shooter […]

  • An Introduction to Flight Simulators Part 1: Getting Started

    My mission is simple: Fly over the enemy’s fortifications and snap some reconnaissance photos. Resistance should be light, and I’m one of a three-man flight group. Fly there, fly back, land in time for breakfast. Easy, right? As my Spad XIII lifts off from the makeshift runway, Earth’s features slowly blending together beneath me as […]

  • Google Earth Secret: Flight Simulator Mode

    Google Earth is a revolutionary application that allows you to explore the entire planet in 3D using Google’s satellite imagery data.  Users are not just limited to terrestrial earth anymore either – you can journey under the oceans, gaze at the night sky, travel to the moon, and visit Mars. Sure, there are plenty of […]