Author: Patrick Vinge

  • First 48 Hours with the Motorla Droid

    My thoughts after the first 48 hours with the Motorola Droid.

  • Encrypt Your Important Data with TrueCrypt

    With privacy becoming a bigger and bigger issue in the digital world, it is becoming more important to protect your personal data.  The easiest way to keep your personal information secure is to encrypt it.  This can be done seamlessly and for free through a cool program called TrueCrypt. To start down the road of […]

  • How To: Install WordPress Locally in Mac OS X

    Mac only:  This guide will show you how to install WordPress on your local computer, which will allow you to test tweaks or modify a theme for your current website without making live changes. To get started, you’ll need to download the following files: WordPress XAMPP for OSX – An Apache distribution containing MySQL, PHP […]