Author: Daniel Chambers

  • How to Detect Rootkits in Linux with rkhunter

    As most are aware, there are very few viruses written for the Linux OS. There are, however, 242 known rootkits that can cause catastrophic damage to a Linux box. This post covers a rootkit detector called rkhunter. It is available from the repositories and is actively maintained at the time of posting. Don’t know what […]

  • How to use Aliases in Linux to Shorten Long Commands

    Tired of typing the same long commands each time you have to use them in Linux? Create aliases! An alias is an abbreviated command, a short word you choose that will do the work of a long command requiring switches or parameters. Creating Aliases in Linux First, install the vim text editor: [code lang=”shell”] sudo […]

  • Add Amazing Visual Effects to Ubuntu with Compiz

    Compiz is a compositing window manager, a program that beautifies the desktop with unique animations and special effects. It can make windows wobble when they are moved, and either explode into pieces or burst into flame and disappear when they are closed. Compiz uses your computer’s video card to manage the behavior of windows and other desktop elements.