Author: Bryant Sombke

  • Review: Minesweeper for Windows Phone 7

    Being the nerd that I am, I was excited to see Minesweeper see a release on WP7. Originally released for the Windows platform in 1990, this version manages to add some nice new features while staying faithful to the original.

  • How to get banned from the PlayStation Network in 30 days or less

    A loyal customer for 16 years who has spent an unfathomable amount of money since the original PlayStation was released in 1995; a loyal customer that sold his XBOX 360 to buy a PS3 the week it came out. This is how I described myself, before yesterday. Yesterday was the day my PlayStation account was banned forever.

  • How To: Change your cellular phone number with Verizon Wireless

    In the Digital Age, most corporations give their consumers ways to manage their accounts online, without having to visit the nearest retailer to update their information, account settings, or other information related to their account. This is not only a great way to provide excellent customer service and allow changes to come into effect quickly […]

  • Review: Official Twitter App for Windows Phone 7

    Overall, the official Twitter app for Windows Phone 7 is a great app, providing all of the functionality you would expect from While I haven’t had the opportunity to spend time with competing apps, this one more than whets my tweeting whistle.

  • PlayStation Plus: Worth the fuss?

    On June 29th, 2010, Sony unveiled its premium service, PlayStation Plus, to its community of users. While many customers complain that it offers features that should be offered for every PS3 user, such as the ability to back up game saves to the cloud, the meat and potatoes of PlayStation Plus is the free and […]

  • SharePoint: Resolving Access Denied errors for Site Owners

    Recently, I experienced a very strange problem while working on a client’s SharePoint 2007 install. SharePoint’s permission management isn’t always the easiest or most intuitive, but for the most part it works pretty well. And then there are the head-scratchers, which make absolutely no sense until the cause of the problem is discovered. The Problem […]

  • Dealing with Workflow Failed On Start (retrying) errors in Microsoft SharePoint

    I don’t know why I expect SharePoint to work without problems. In almost every project I’ve done, some unforeseeable problem pops up that seems to make little sense. Maybe, after beating my head against the wall so many times, I’ve developed SharePoint amnesia, but I always expect the project to be a pleasant experience. I […]

  • Internet Explorer 9: If Chrome jumped off a bridge…

    Overall, IE9 is a huge improvement in design, features, and speed for Microsoft’s web browser. While many of the changes are a few years behind their competitors, it is without a doubt a step in the right direction.

  • MLB.TV: It’s That Time of Year Again

    MLB.TV allows sports fans to stream any out-of-market game during the regular season over the internet. For an arguably reasonable price of $120, fans of America’s Pastime have the entire league at their fingertips, in their living rooms, at the airport, at work, or anywhere else you can imagine.

  • How to Perform SharePoint Development On A Client Workstation

    One of the most difficult restrictions for a SharePoint developer to deal with can be the requirement to do development on a SharePoint server.  Personally, I prefer doing my development on my local machine, eliminating the need to establish a remote desktop connection to a different machine in order to write code. Unfortunately, SharePoint development […]